Gear Review: Platypus GravityWorks Water Filter

by Steve Moon on August 15, 2013


Sit back and relax with Platypus GravityWorks water filter!

My days of pumping water from a stream, lake or a puddle are mostly behind me.

When planning our trip to Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness with some fellow gear junkies, I explored the idea of adding a gravity filter to my collection of bicep workout  filters and purifiers. I was eyeballing the 4 Liter GravityWorks by Platypus as I have had great luck with their Platy Bottles.  At 4 Liters I could provide water for the tired group of paddlers.

With my new GravityWorks filter in my pack, we took to the lakes and portages.

When it comes time to filter water in camp, I can usually look around to the rest of the group and find thumbs on foreheads. I guess that means they aren’t filtering water or someone had too much trail mix. With the Platypus GravityWorks, camp chores became more simple. In fact, filtering water became the best way for me to multi task, since I wasn’t stuck in the crouching position for 10 minutes banging away on the dino’s.  In just 2-3 minutes, I had a 4 liter bag full of dirty water ready to drink, boil and share.

Boundary Waters 2012-185

A few things I have learned:

  • When the filter begins to slow, back wash clean water into the dirty water bag by elevating the clean water bag above the dirty water bag until you see bubbles. This takes about 4 seconds. I was amazed at how quickly it recovered and began filtering my water efficiently.
  • Relatively maintenance free. When not in use, keep the bags, tubes clean and dry.
  • Careful not to lose the shut off clamp. I had one slip off and was lucky to find it in the dense forrest floor.
  • Easy to collect water in different situations. In a shallow water source, it was easy to lay the zippered bag level to allow for easy flow. While canoeing or on the go it was simple to collect water.
  • Durable.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • I stay more hydrated and satisfied on the trail and in camp.
  • Did I mention it’s simple?

Its simple.  Just check out these great videos that Platypus put together that demonstrates how easy it is to use this system and how they will fit your active lifestyle as well as change your habits while in camp.

It truly is that simple.


GravityWorks TM 4L Water Filter

  • Fast! Filters four liters in 2.5 minutes.
  •  Weighs just 10.75 oz. (305 g)
  •  8L capacity lets you easily transport and store water for groups.
  •  Backflushes in four seconds, maintaining optimal performance with no additional parts or tools required.
  •  Proprietary Platy zip opening collects water easily–even in challenging situations.
  •  Clean storage reservoir with shutoff clamp makes dispensing water a breeze.
  •  Create a custom system to meet your personal needs using our wide range of accessories.
  •  Effective: Meets all EPA & NSF guidelines for the removal of Bacteria and Protozoa, including Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Salmonella and Cholera.

GravityWork TM 2L Water Filter

  • Easy, Pump-free filtering
  • Fast! 1.5-liters per minute
  • Weighs as little as 7.2 oz. (203 g)
  • Ultra-Compact
  • Backflushes in four seconds in any configuration you choose, maintaining optimal performance with no additional parts.
  • Proprietary Platy™ zip opening makes collecting water easy.
  • Effective: Meets all EPA & NSF guidelines for the removal of Bacteria and Protozoa, including Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Salmonella and Cholera



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